About us

YILMAR serves to the bed production, soft furniture production, construction, agriculture and automotive sectors with its corporate governance style that comes from the past and will continue to the future with strong family ties, following the innovations in the sector, constantly developing and growing its targets.

Specializing in steel wire and spring production since 2001, YILMAR has the flexibility and technology to meet the demands of customers with an annual production capacity of 45.000 tons. It is the first and only company in Turkey that makes eco-friendly production with the mechanical descaling process, applied during wire production processes.

Improvement and development studies in operational processes and customer-focused innovations in production, logistics and sales departments, are carried through internal audits with ISO 9001 quality assurance system. YILMAR’s export, transportation, and logistics departments work for safe delivery to customers, with knowledge of the international trade laws. Quality is a priority in realizing of production and shipments in accordance with the objectives.

By following the dynamics of the market and innovations, YILMAR offer fast and flexible solutions to products according to customer needs. We are the solution partner of the customers for special, customeroriented products as well as the classical products.

My Factory is My Future project, covers 290 people from production staff and from the managementteam, shows the importance that YILMAR gives to human resources.

According to TIM data, YILMAR is a global company which is located in the first 1000 exporter companies in Turkey, providing sales of value-added products to the World markets with creating an employment in the global oriented company.

With operational excellence we are at the forefront of our stakeholders to become a steel-like organization.

Eyvaz Yılmaz
General Manager, Yılmar Group of Companies Ltd.